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The removal efficiency of conventional arsenic removal technologies for Arsenic (III) is poor. Our ARSENIC REMOVAL WATER TREATMENT PLANT instead can treat Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (IV) and only requires a very short contact time. A contact time between 30s and 2min is sufficient to reduce the arsenic to less than 10ppb. The Arsenic Removal Water Treatment Plant does neither require the use of any chemicals nor backwashing, but it should be lifted periodically to avoid channeling. Therefore the operating costs are very low. Arsenic is bound irreversible to the media, so that even after disposal no arsenic can be released into the environment. The amount of solid residue at the end of adsorption process is very small. This makes the product environmentally friendly and economical. Our Arsenic Removal Water Treatment Plant is used for potable water treatment as well as for industrial application. Our Arsenic Removal Water Treatment Plant is removing Arsenic in millions of gallons of drinking water daily.


  • We recommend treatment system monitoring to determine media breakthrough and change out.
  • Pre-filtration for particles can greatly reduce frequency of backwash
  • High levels of iron and magnesium can influence efficiency of Arsenic Removal Water Treatment Plant
  • We recommend using Filter media FMH in front of Arsenic Removal Water
  • Treatment Plant media for perfect pH, iron & magnesium removal.
  • Its adsorbent media is applicable in a wide range of water treatment processes, from large-scale municipal systems to small-scale residential treatment units.
  • Regardless of the system size, there are operational design parameters that must be considered to ensure effective, trouble-free performance of the Arsenic Removal Water Treatment Plant adsorbent media.
  • Groundwater or surface water is simply pumped in a down flow mode through a single or multiple fixed bed pressure vessel containing the media.
  • The multiple pressure vessel design is either assembled in Parallel Flow or Series Flow when additional adsorption protection is deemed necessary. Flow to each vessel is measured and totalized to record the volume of water treated. Pressure differential through each vessel is also monitored.
  • Periodic backwashing is typically performed at start-up and every 8-10 weeks thereafter depending on usage and water quality.


Brand Name APEX
Application Water Purification And Filtration
Voltage 220V / 380V
Warranty 1 Year
Control system PLC + HMI auto and manual
Production rate 1000-5000L/H
High Presure Pump To increase the water pressure, let the water through reverse osmosis membrane.

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