AT Grand Reverse Osmosis System

AT Grand Reverse Osmosis System

Our AT GRAND REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM is highly reliable and a trusted water purification system that offers contamination free filtered water, which is safe for drinking. AT Grand Reverse Osmosis System that we offer is based on the latest technology of purification and works on different stages to purify water :
  • Stage 1 : Pre-Filter : Before the purifier a 5 micron pre filter attached, that removes larger particles such as dust, mud, sand, sediment, rust and other suspended particles above 5 micron.
  • Stage 2 : Sediment filter : this sediment filter 1 micron made of poly propylene spun fiber, removes suspended impurities in water like sand, rust, clay etc. From water and also up to 1 micron bacteria will not passes from this chamber.
  • Stage 3 : Pre-Carbon filter : this pre-carbon filter removes the most organic impurities, carcinogenic chemicals, chlorine, color & odor. Also prevents bacterial growth on carbon itself.
  • Stage 4 : Silver Impregnated activated post Carbon : this is line carbon filter & Polisher that virtually absorbers all organic contaminant and removes all bad orders / colors, excess chlorine & improves the taste of the final product water.
  • Stage 5 : U.V Chamber : in this stage the water passes through the Ultra violet treatment that removes / deactivates biological impurities (harmful bacteria & viruses) this process has been documented by W.H.O. Process has been documented by W.H.O.

As an effectual and trustworthy solution for the Indian consumers to fight the dirt and hazardous germs in summer and Monsoon water, Apex Technology a well known, reputed and trusted name in household appliances launches A Many model, at a effective price. water purifiers are specially designed with latest technology to give chemical and bacteria free healthy water. It will replace backdated u.v filters because it’s Stylish, Easy to maintain, and a low cost product as per the technology is concern from Apex Technology.

Near about 80% of diseases in India are caused by water germs and awareness about the health risk due to polluted water consumption is very low among rural/urban population. In today’s time people still prefer water boiling technique or candle filter to purify water. Most of the people do not use water purifiers due to its critical operation & in rural area for frequent load shading. To address this need of Indian consumers we have launched upgraded technology & high quality service. the India’s only water purifier that offers a taste enhancer feature & e-boiling technology which is a patented German technology supported by international certification. It works with 5 TO 7 stage purification process, achieving chemical free (toxic organic carcinogenic compounds like chlorine, trihalomethanes, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides) and bacteria free water (By eliminating the risk of diseases like gastroenteritis, cholera, jaundice, typhoid and amoebic dysentery) at its best designee.

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