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AT Magic Reverse Osmosis System

AT Magic Reverse Osmosis System

Our AT MAGIC REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM is a trustworthy water purification system widely used in homes, offices and other places in order to get contamination free drinking water. AT Magic Reverse Osmosis System works on a five stage purification process and features an eight liter storage tank in which water gets stored after completing the purification process :
  • Stage 1 : Pre-filter: Before the purifier a 5 micron pre filter attached, that removes larger particles such as dust, mud, sand, sediment, rust and other suspended particles above 5 micron.
  • Stage 2 : Sediment filter: This sediment filter 1 micron made of poly propylene spun fiber, removes suspended impurities in water like sand, rust, clay etc. From water and also up to 1 micron bacteria will not passes from this chamber.
  • Stage 3 : Pre-Carbon filter: this pre-carbon filter removes the most organic impurities, carcinogenic chemicals, chlorine, color & odor. Also prevents bacterial growth on carbon itself.
  • Stage 4 : Silver impregnated Activated post Carbon: this is line carbon filter & polisher that virtually absorbers all organic contaminant and removes all bad orders / colors, excess chlorine & Improves the taste of the final product water.
  • Stage 5 : U.V Chamber: In this stage the water passes through the Ultra violet treatment that removes / deactivates biological impurities (harmful bacteria & viruses) this process has been documented by W.H.O. Process has been documented by W.H.O.