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AT Pearl Domestic UV Water Purifier

AT Pearl Domestic UV Water Purifier

AT PEARL DOMESTIC UV WATER PURIFIER is an RO system that filters water by removing contamination and impurities to provide the end result. Our AT Pearl Domestic UV Water Purifier is based on advanced technology and operates on five stage purification process to provide mineral water :
  • Stage 1 : Pre-filter: Before the purifier a 5 micron pre filter attached that removes larger particles such as dust, mud, sand, sediment, rust and other suspended particles above 5 micron.
  • Stage 2 : Sediment Filter: this sediment filter 1micron made of poly propylene spun fiber, removes suspended impurities in water like sand, rust, clay etc. From water and also up to 1 micron bacteria will not passes from this chamber.
  • Stage 3 : Pre-Carbon filter: This pre-carbon filter removes the most organic impurities, carcinogenic chemicals, chlorine, color & odor. Also prevents bacterial growth on carbon itself.
  • Stage 4 : Silver impregnated activated post carbon: this in line carbon filter & Polisher that virtually absorbers all organic contaminant and removes all bad orders / colors, excess chlorine & improves the taste of the final product water.
  • Stage 5 : U.V chamber: in this stage the water passes through the ultra violet treatment that removes / deactivate biological impurities (harmful bacteria & viruses) this process has been documented by W.H.O. Process has been documented by W.H.O.