Coin Vending Water Atm

Price : INR 325,000.00

APEX TECHNOLOGY is a prominent Water ATM Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. Our Branches includes Delhi, Siliguri ,Nagpur ,Guwahati , etc. These Water ATMs are basically purified water vending machines. Our Infrastructure helps to expand the operations to more villages (any remote location). Central monitoring helps to provide quality service to all locations. (Efficient use of resources.).

 Detailed Information: 

• Item: Water ATM/Purified Water Vending machine
• Water Source: Municipal Tap Water/Raw Water
• Power Supply: AC220V 50Hz / AC110V 60Hz.
• Production Capacity(GPD): 400,600,800,1300,1600 and 3000
• Water Tank Capacity: 200L
• UV Power: 20w
• Ozone Capacity: 1000mg
• Filling Flow Rate: 8L/min
• Selling Method(Refundable): IC Card+ Coins + Paper note
• Size of Filling Bottle: 200ml,500ml,1L,2L,20Ltr(at a time in one tap)
• Filtration Step: 9 Steps
• Size: L80cmxW68cmxH200cm
• Packing: Carton for FCL or Poly Wood case for LCL
• LCD Panel: 19inch for advertisement
• Technology: Reverse Osmosis(RO)+Ultra Violet(UV) Technology +Ozonation + Water Chiller +LED Technology

Cutting Edge Features of our Water Vending Machine:-

First time in INDIA we are providing three facilities in a single machine.


  1. Multi Coin Acceptor. ( As per the local market available coin acceptor is concern , it only works for sensing the weight of a coin which is very easy to fraud with a iron make coin with the same weight. Our imported coin acceptor not only sense the weight but also it scan the image of the coin from both side and the thickness too.)


  1. RFL Card Panel. Our imported RFL Card panel also contains the display panel for output water quality which will shows the TDS level and Ph level of output water quality. We will also provide the card recharging machine to our client against a minimum quantity of order.


  1. Paper Note Acceptor. First time we are presenting imported  Paper note acceptor which will also accept the Indian paper note of Rs – 1.2.5.&10. But the miracle point is that the all revenue ( coin & paper note ) will collect in a same secured locker.


  1. We are providing a fully compact machine where 200 ml , 500 ml, 1 ltr , 2 ltr, 5ltr, 10 ltr, & 20 ltr. Quantity of water can be collect from a single outlet. (It’s very important for that place when it’s a question of a queue where different types of people will demand different quantity of water). Our vending machine meets the client’s need.

First time we are introducing a compact water vending machine which will gives u a another income source from its front side 22” LED DISPLAY where our client can run any type of video advertisement of any of company in a proper market place against a good revenue which is far apart from sales of water.

Till today we are well known with the technology of GSM operating system of a water vending machine, This is the first time we are launching remote CCTV system along with entire GSM facilities. Remote CCTV monitoring will help to look after the machine for 24 X 7 through your mobile. Even if anybody try to open the front door of machine, promptly the snap of the person will be send to you through the hidden cam of our machine. TheGSM box of our machine also allows you to know the volume of sold water, the purity parameter of water & the total collected revenue of the machinfor the day through your smart phone. Now a question arise! I don’t have       data    connection, so ?  Here we starts our innovation.You can get it through SMS ( i.e. – Type “SALE” and send to “ XXXXXXXXXX” machine ID)  the revert sms from machine will be in your inbox within a minute  which will shows the total volume of the sales for that particular date.

“SPACE” really it’s big subject to us right today either you are getting it through lease or by purchasing at all it’s expensive. Considering the fact we have designed the machine so compact so that it can run it’s show in a just 4’ X 4’ area ( more less area than a single bed ). We do think about your investment. 


Voltage 110V
Automatic Grade Automatic
Power 3-5kw
Power Source Elecric
Warranty 1 Year
Conditon New
Brand Name APEX

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