Commercial Water Treatment Plant

We are considered as the trusted source for providing highly efficient Commercial Water Treatment Plant. Our range includes Decriminalized Water Treatment Plant, Dialysis Water Treatment Plant, Effluent Water Treatment Plant, Iron Removal Water Treatment Plant, Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant and Arsenic Removal Water Treatment Plant. Water Treatment Plant, offered by us, is immensely valued by the clients owing to its sturdy construction, low maintenance, trouble-free performance and corrosion resistance. Our Commercial Water Treatment Plant is used for the treatment of water so as to purify it and make it useful for drinking purpose, industrial purpose and various end usages. Available in different patterns, our Commercial Water Treatment Plant helps in removing the contamination present in water by filtering it with the use of a chemical process.

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AT Iron Removal Plant

Iron Removal Plant is most effective solution in Industrial Water Purifier Sector in all over the INDIA, It is wide using for Industrial solution as well as home use . Our Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants and Iron Removal Plant are carefully customized and configured to suit the individual requirement of the output water, which varies from


Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant
We are one of the leading Drinking Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers. The Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plants supplied by us are in high demand. The Packaged Drinking Water Plant is provided with high pressure pump, filter assembly (sand/carbon/cartridge/bag filter), membrane with housings and storage tank. Customers can

Iron Removal Water Treatment Plant
Raw Water generally contains soluble iron in the form of ferrous bicarbonate and insoluble as ferric hydroxide. Water containing ferrous bicarbonate is clear when drawn from a tube well. But as soon as it comes in contact with air develops a whitish haze which on longer standing turns yellowish and then forms yellowish to radish-brown deposits of

Demineralized Water Treatment Plant
We are offering a DEMINERALIZED WATER TREATMENT PLANT that operates on demineralization process that utilizes acid regenerated cation resin & caustic regenerated anion resin to remove minerals from water. Demineralization on a commercial scale became possible after resin manufacturers developed methods of mass producing a new form of ion

Dialysis Water Treatment Plant
We are engaged in providing highly efficient DIALYSIS WATER TREATMENT PLANT that is specifically designed to produce purified water and is appreciated for easy operation, easy installation and straight-forward controls. Our Dialysis Water Treatment Plant is featured with an autoflush system, low inlet pressure switch, digital conductivity

Effluent Water Treatment Plant
Our EFFLUENT WATER TREATMENT PLANT is specifically designed to effectively treat the effluent coming from different areas of the plant. The treatment procedure of different effluents differs with the type of effluent. Below mentioned are some effluent treatments carried out by our Effluent Water Treatment Plant.

Oily Water

Arsenic Removal Water Treatment Plant
The removal efficiency of conventional arsenic removal technologies for Arsenic (III) is poor. Our ARSENIC REMOVAL WATER TREATMENT PLANT instead can treat Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (IV) and only requires a very short contact time. A contact time between 30s and 2min is sufficient to reduce the arsenic to less than 10ppb. The Arsenic Removal