Demineralized Water Plant

We offer high-end Demineralized Water Plant for complete demineralization of water. The unit is a Two Bed DM Plant, with resin filled Cation and Anion columns that are optimized to give high output based on the quantity of resin present. The mixed bed DM is supercharged with the Cation-Anion exchanger to produce water of the highest quality and does not need any heat or electricity for water treatment

To get better quality of treated water, supercharged mixed bed DM unit is in series with Cation and Anion exchanger. It has FRP / LLDP column of cat ion exchanger and anion exchanger linked with a flexible hose and multi port valve. A Plastic drum regenerates the Cation and Anion exchangers using acid and caustic solutions respectively.

Raw water is passed from the acid regenerated Cation Exchanger and caustic soda regenerated Anion Exchanger. Firstly, the Cations get retained by the resin and afterwards the water containing acids is absorbed by the Anions to produce D. M Water.
Quality of Water Produced
Purified water as per I.P conductivity : 1 to 20 micro ohms/cmpH of D.M water : Around 7.0 StorageBattery : IS : 1069 / 64
Advanced mechanismResistant to corrosionEasy operationConsistent performanceMinimizes water lossCost-effective
Finds Application in
Pharmaceutical industryChemical industryMirror SilveringPower StationsResearch LabsFood Processing industryCollege LabsPlastic industry
» Specifications :Model No.Filtartion Capacity Flow RateMOCVessel SizeResin Q Ltrs.Valve & Pipe LineLPHDia.HT.Vol.Size (inch)TypeAT/SFT/250250FRP2008802720½" M.P.V.AT/SFT/500500FRP2008802720¾"M.P.V.AT/SFT/700700FRP25413716350¾"M.P.V.AT/SFT/10001000FRP355 , 150122075¾"M.P.V.AT/SFT/12001200FRP355 , 1501372100¾" M.P.V.AT/SFT/15001500FRP355 , 1501650125¾"M.P.V.AT/SFT/20002000FRP457 , 2361650150¾"M.P.V.AT/SFT/25002500FRP457 , 23616502001" M.P.V.AT/SFT/30003000FRP533 , 31215752751" M.P.V.AT/SFT/40004000FRP610 , 45018284001 & ½" M.P.V.AT/SFT/50005000FRP760 , 70818285001 & ½" M.P.V.

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