Filter Media

Mno2 Filter Media

This is our latest technology which is basically used for oxidation purpose and remove iron from water.


Zeosorb Filtration Media

ZEOSORB has been introduced to the process purification of drinking water and wastewater due to its large specific surface area and the selective adsorption of substances, such as ammonia, dissolved organic matter and many other cations. Moreover, ZEOSORB has advantageous hydraulic properties, that is – the filtration


Ion Exchange Resins

Being one of the prominent names in the industry, we, as a Supplier, bring forth a wide array of Ion Exchange Resin to our customers. This is due to our modern logistic facilities that we are able to meet the delivery deadlines with ease.


Alumina Ball

Our organization is avidly engaged in supplying an exclusive range of Alumina Ball at reasonable prices. We guarantee to make on time delivery, as we have an extensively spread network of logistic facility providers and dealers.


Plain Sand

Owing to our expertise in the domain, we are able to supply excellent quality Sand and Gravel Filter Media at very reasonable price. Apart from presenting the quality products, we deliver the same to the customers in the set time span.



Filter gravel is used as a support media to filter sand and coal in water filters. 
For maximum efficiency, filter gravel must possess the necessary attributes of hardness and be rounded rather than angular. 


Katalox Light

Katalox-Light Removal methods:

1. Mechanical Filtration (fine particles, TSS, Turbidity etc.)
2. Catalytic precipitation and sorption (Fe, Mn, Cu, Pb etc.)
3. Adsorbtion (flocculant formation and adsorption of As, Heavy Metals, Radionuclides)



Anthracite Filter Media are filtration materials for turbidity and SS removal. Since the specific gravity is lighter than that of Filter Sand, it is much used in combination with Filter Sand in dual-media filtration, to consist reverse grain layers after backwashing. In addition, because of high content carbon of this product, it has high


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