Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

We bring forth Hot & Cold Water Dispenser for office, school, and college use. Hot & Cold Water Dispenser has robust and shock resistant plastic body, ensuring safety of users. Hot & Cold Water Dispenser has separate dispenser for hot and cold water. Hot & Cold Water Dispenser is easy to use and maintain.

Features :
  • Extra qualities in APEX Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
  • Digital thermostat to control heat tank/ Electronic thermostat to control cool tank
  • Entire water cooler is in high-class Iron angle structure to give longer life.
  • The legs of the water coolers are very heavy ( G.I )to stand weight properly.
  • Entire water cooler is fabricated in complete stainless steel grade 202/304 in hair finish.
  • Separate heat/cool tank in single water cooler
  • The cooling tank of water cooler is of food grade steel
  • The internal insulation is very heavy so that cooling/heating will retain more time.
  • All the sanitary fitting are in steel so that there will be no corrosion.
  • The compressor is very efficient and noiseless. In addition, it is design for 15 to17 years,
  • Emersion Copeland compressor can work up to 52-degree ambient temperature.