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Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant Supplier

We are one of the leading Drinking Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers. The Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plants supplied by us are in high demand. The Packaged Drinking Water Plant is provided with high pressure pump, filter assembly (sand/carbon/cartridge/bag filter), membrane with housings and storage tank. Customers can purchase from us Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant for Fully Auto Bottle Filling Machine and Semi Auto Filling Machine (12 Head). Our product can be used for the purpose of treating the water and for packaging. We are reckoned as a trusted supplier and ensure timely delivery. We have a track record of zero complaints from customers.

Mineral water can be safely defined as potable water, containing the necessary Mineral nutrients required by the body and beneficial to human metabolism.Potable spring waters containing, sulphur, Iron, Magnesium and other mineral salts occurring in certain regions are claimed to be beneficial to human metabolism. The therapeutic value of such waters is questionable carbonated mineral water also contain lithium salts. Natural fresh water supplies are derived indirectly from the oceans. The water flows over the surface or percolates in to the ground excess water flows back to the oceans completing the hydrological cycle.

Water supplies are classified as

  1. Surface supplies and
  2. Underground water, Surfaces waters are rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs.

We�ll and springs are the sources of underground water.

Water vapor in clouds is generally pure but gathers dust and gases when if reached the earth suspended organic matter and soil turbidity are picked up. Well waters usually are free from suspended materials and organic matters due to filtrations through the earth. Surface water is generally low in mineral content
but relatively high in suspended and organic materials.

Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Ionics & Dissolved Un dissolved
Cationic Anionic Solid Gaseous
Calcium Bicarbonate Alkalinity Turbidity,  Mud  Dirt & Salt Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen
Magnesium Carbonate Organics * Oxygen
Sodium Hydroxyl Color* Hydrogen Sulfide
Potassium Sulfate Micro organisms Ammonia
Ammonium Chloride Algae Methane
Iron Nitrate, Phosphate, Bacteria, Oil -
Manganese Silica, Fluoride, Metal Oxides, -
- Organics* Color* Hydroxides -


Organic material may be suspended or dissolved, ionic or nonionic. Packaged Drinking water is pouch & bottle under very hygienic conditions under strict quality control before being marketed. Its major use is in Hotels, Hospitals, Tourist Place, Function & people houses where good quality pure water is required for potable  purposes.  It is marketed at places and regions  where hygienic drinking water is not freely available.



The consumption of mineral water is linked with Public Health as the concept has  virtually  been  imported  from  the  Western  Media.  The  necessity  and hygienic nature of the product has led to an increase in its consumption in mainly the high income grade people and Tourist. India’s potential for Tourism is virtually limitless. The mineral water is one of the important item, which is directly consumed by people all over the world. Due to consideration of Health view point the consumption of ordinary water is  gradually decreasing. The ordinary water contains  is  many  toxic  elements,  impurities  which  some  time  causes  fatal. People  are  generally  being  aware  to  consume  clean  pure  water  where  is available. Some time people have to suffer from different diseases. The mineral water consumption is well advised. So, major consumption of mineral water is generally assessed by the number of people & Tourist. They generally consume mineral water sealed in pouch & bottle.


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