Water Filtration System

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We have years of experience as Water Filtration System Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. The assembly of Water Filtration System is done at our well-equipped unit in West Bengal. Only industry-grade components are used for the fabrication of Water Filtration System. Besides, our technicians use modern technique for designing Water Filtration Systems in different configurations. Contact us now and choose from our range of Water Filtration System, which is technologically advanced, has simple operation and requires low maintenance.




Item Model/Specification’s Parameter Unit Quantity Instruction
Proof-water cabinet 80L*68W*200H cm set 1 exported carbon steel+ spray plastic powder outside
Filling room Stainless steel 304 set 1  
Water tank Stainless steel 304 set 1  
Quartz sand In FRP tank piece 1  
Activated carbon In FRP tank piece 1  
PP 20 inch piece 2 5u
RO membrane   set 1  
Post-activated carbon filter Big T33 piece 1  
Mineralizing filter Big T33 piece 1  
Circuit board digital circuit control set 1 Control by water level
Ozone sterilization 1000mg set 1  
UV sterilization 15W set 2 incursion
Chiller 10L set 1  
GSM   set 1  
Bill   set 1  
Coin   set 2  
Pulse Flow meter   set 1  
High pressure pump   set 3  


Filtration Material Lifespan

Item Model/Specification Unit Clean cycle Change cycle
Quartz sand 50 - 25 10(eye) 25kg 3- 7days 2years
Activated carbon   15kg 3- 7days 1year
PP 20 inchï¼5u 1pcs   1 month
RO membrane 3020 1pcs auto wash each day 2 year
Mineralizing filter Big T33 1pcs   Half year
Post-activated filter Big T33 1pcs   Half year
UV lamp 10W 1pcs   5000H
Energy saving lamp 8W 1pcs   8000H
Ozone generator 1000mg 1pcs   10000 times