Water Treatment Chemicals

Backed by immense expertise and knowledge in this domain, we become able to provide a wide variety of WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS. Our range includes Chlorine Water Treatment Chemicals, Sodium Bi Carbonate Water Treatment Chemicals, Sodium Hypochlorite Water Treatment Chemicals and Antiscalant Water Treatment Chemicals. Our Specialty Water Treatment Chemicals are formulated using superior grade chemicals and appreciated for their accurate compositions and effective end results. These Water Treatment Plant Chemicals are used to purify water in order to make it clean and suitable to use for other purposes. Further, we provide these Water Treatment Chemicals at the most competitive prices.

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Chlorine Water Treatment Chemicals
We offer highly effective CHLORINE WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS that are appreciated for fast & accurate results and accurate composition. Owing to the specific properties of chlorine, Chlorine Water Treatment Chemicals are used for disinfecting water so as to remove the disease causing organisms or pathogens, thus purifying water and making

Sodium Bi Carbonate Water Treatment Chemicals
SODIUM BI CARBONATE WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS, offered by us, are widely used for removing calcium and magnesium impurities from water in order to purify it and making it fit for drinking. The Sodium Bi Carbonate Water Treatment Chemicals act either as a base or acid in water treatment process. Further, our Sodium Bi Carbonate Water

Sodium Hypochlorite Water Treatment Chemicals
Our clients can avail a matchless quality of SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS at affordable prices. These Sodium Hypochlorite Water Treatment Chemicals are widely used in various water treatment processes. Sodium Hypochlorite Water Treatment Chemicals, offered by us, are prepared using high quality compounds to attain desired

Antiscalant Water Treatment Chemicals
It is very important to remove scale and fouling from the membrane system by cleaning the system properly using our ANTISCALANT WATER TREATMENT CHEMICALS. Scale is a white chalky buildup of calcium minerals that occur as the water precipitates. Some common examples of scale are calcium carbonate (CaCO3), calcium sulfate